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What is coworking?

Coworking makes owning/operating a business financially attainable due to shared resources. With it, you get the amenities needed (and more) to run your business for one all-inclusive and affordable monthly membership fee.
In addition to enhancing your company brand with a hip, modern workspace, coworking provides a healthy separation between work and personal life, a sense of belonging, and effortless networking opportunities.
The Ahfis (pronounced like and w/creative nods to TVs “The Office”) is made up of badass small business owners, innovative freelancers, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are hardworking professionals bouncing ideas off of one-another, and creating our own happy, humorous, and hip work community close to home at the Blue Spruce Shoppes in Murrysville,
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How does The Ahfis measure up?
How does The Ahfis measure up?
We’ll be honest, rental rates for office spaces in Murrysville are ...
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