What is it costing your business to NOT be coworking?

When we were writing our “glorious” business plan, and visiting other local coworking spaces, we analyzed their pricing structures among other things.

We opened The Ahfis with a cost structure in consideration of our expenses, the area, and the competition.

But times change, and so has our pricing since we opened in May of this year.

To give our memberships additional value, we’ve “beefed-up” our 150 dollar, 10-day membership, now giving our 10-day members, full-time access for that price! That means, as a Flex Member, you come anytime Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Why? Because, 1) We like you and listen to you, 2) We want people to utilize this cool space,  and 3) We currently have the space to accommodate! (In turn, our $250/mo full-time membership was eliminated. Ta-ta for now.)

But we’ve heard grumblings that perhaps our space is “too expensive.” We want to say that, okay, we have heard you. So, we did the research, again.

So, we are here to show you how we compare to other coworking spaces. For an apples-to-apples comparison of flexible full-time membership, please lookey here:

We’ve also recently reduced our Dedicated Desk membership for a limited time to FILL THE DESKS! We have three occupied desks, but five more to fill. So, if you are a local business looking to set-up shop somewhere. Bring your tchotchkes, recline in your eco/ergo chair, use our address for your biz. NOW is the time, as it won’t be $299 for long.

We also ask you to consider: What is it costing your business to NOT be coworking?

With a professional office to boost your brand mojo, access to other local professionals for networking, all utilities included, a regular tax-deductible business expense, plus all of the perks of coworking including free coffee, pastries, popcorn, local craft drafts (no one else does this!), frankly, we think its a no-brainer.

Wanna give us a test-run for FREE? Come any one weekday in November and mention this post. Questions? info@theahfis.com or 724-575-7551

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