The floor plan. It’s Kismut!

What chance did we stand? The floor plan had us at “hello.”

Although we initially had another space in mind for The Ahfis, from the moment we walked into this particular space, we knew. I’m serious. Sounds cliche, but we both felt it.

We had talked about it so much that my sister and I were on the same page (in our heads). But, as a designer, I know first hand, that visions are as unique as the individual, and that syncing them can be a challenge. This wasn’t like that AT ALL.

The same goes for the architect, Christine Brill, of Studio for Spatial Planning (who was also the architect for Superior Motors in Braddock). We met her and knew that she was THE one.

And, when we reviewed the proposed floor plan for the space (after expressing our specific vision and needs), the Architect hit the mark with very little to be modified. She worked through other plans to deliver the best design option to us. We agreed. Indeed it was.

The excitement continues.

Floor plan for The Ahfis (second draft)