How does The Ahfis measure up?

We’ll be honest, rental rates for office spaces in Murrysville are pretty inconsistent. Our area boasts a wide variety of building options, from renovated older homes to business park-y hubs, and comparisons can get a little sticky. 

Still, we were determined to offer our future members a well-thought cost analysis of coworking versus traditional office space. 

Membership at The Ahfis

To get things started, we focused on the monthly rates at price per square foot and applied this to our own memberships. 

Based on estimated usable space for each membership, including shared spaces, a membership at The Ahfis will cost our members an average of 87 cents per square foot. This covers everything from our fully shared $150 Flex Membership at 27 cents per square foot, to your own Private Office with shared spaces included at about $1.85 per square foot. This is an all-inclusive rate that covers a plethora of important business amenities (like wifi and printing) AND all the more boring, adult-y things (like maintenance and taxes). 

Leasing traditional office space

Next, we spent a few months examining office listings in the Murrysville area. There were 13 properties with multiple office options that seemed worthy of comparing to membership at The Ahfis Creative Coworking. (Listings like medical offices were not included.)

The average lease rate for these comparable properties over 4 months was $1.66 per square foot each month.

BUT. (This comes with a big old but.) A few of these properties mentioned that some or all “building services and utilities” were included. None of these offices offered important business amenities. 

To even things up, we estimated some dollar values for the commonly-used-at-any-office amenities provided at The Ahfis. These amenities include business wifi, furniture, minimal printer and toner use, coffee, and insurance. We estimate that these cost a small office approximately $375 per month* over 5 years. 

Since some of the office spaces mentioned “building services and utilities” included, we wanted to play fair. Items such as electric, sewer, water, taxes, and seasonal and annual maintenance expenses were given their own estimates. Their total cost added up to about $475 per month*

We added these expenses to each listing. However, if the listing mentioned that some or all of the “building services and utilities” were included, the $475 monthly fee for utilities, taxes, and maintenance was not included.

The results were significant

The average cost for office space in the Murrysville area (and a couple up the highway in Monroeville for good measure) with many of the amenities available at The Ahfis is $3.28 per square foot each month

These numbers are noticeably different, but let’s go a step further. This is the cost for a fully-equipped*, 600 square foot space in Murrysville in one year:

In one year, coworking can save your small company a minimum of $8,616, up to $21,826, depending on your professional needs. It only gets better as your company enjoys long-term success. These numbers suggest that coworking has the power to make a meaningful difference for a small company (and they could translate to one hell of a retirement party).

Need more? We can confidently shout from the rooftop that The Ahfis offers much more than great numbers: 


No tracking down stray receipts for maintenance supplies from last February. An all-inclusive membership at The Ahfis is delivered on a single invoice and is a valid business expense on your taxes.


Our coworking community is vibrant and growing with professionals just like you. The Ahfis promotes strong and valuable professional relationships – without interfering with your productivity. The opportunities for inspiration, advice, and good times are endless.


It’s like going to the gym and feeling that rush of determination to push yourself just a little harder. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, driven professionals has the tendency to light that fire – even on Monday. 

No Pressure. 

Traditional office spaces often come with a lease commitment of 12 months or up to 5 years, but your company is a living, growing wonder. How will your company change in 5 years? The Ahfis offers customized memberships for your unique needs and no commitment. Halt, cutback, and upgrade your membership as needed.

Still have reservations? Come tour and the coffee is on us! 

*Amounts based on $3000 furniture over 5 years, $180/month business WiFi, $80 toner every 3 months, $300 printer over 5 years, $30/month coffee, $250/month electric/sewer/water, $1500 annual taxes, $100/month seasonal and annual maintenance, $1000/year insurance.

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