Let’s slow clap for … Andrew Gregory! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

Founder of Clarity Squared, Andrew Gregory combines web design and digital marketing to help small businesses achieve their objectives. Working with companies across a range of industries, Andrew uses a range of tools, such as Google Ads and Facebook marketing, to help other start-ups and small business gain traction.

Committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners make more of an impact online, Andrew has jumped on The Ahfis bandwagon with gusto. Working alongside other creative minds, he routinely takes advantage of the vast office space, conference room, and popcorn bar. Particularly the popcorn bar. With the space to create strategic marketing campaigns and liaise with clients, The Ahfis is proving to be the perfect fit for Andrew and the Clarity Squared brand.

With in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and the digital landscape, Andrew’s honed his talents to perfection. Using the latest marketing methodologies and tools, he delivers effective campaigns via a range of tools, not least Facebook advertising, email marketing, catchy content, and top-quality web design. Despite his penchant for 90s jams and laser-focus, Andrew has become a firm fixture at The Ahfis, and we love having him around!

Citing the variety of workspace and flexibility as his favorite aspects of coworking, Andrew’s keen for others to benefit from what The Ahfis has to offer. Eschewing the virtues of community and coworking, Andrew maintains that The Ahfis delivers the flexibility that would not usually be available to a start-up or small business, particularly as we don’t require long-term commitments, contracts or planning. With plans to continue expanding the Clarity Squared team, this was a perfect fit. The ability to modify your space depending on your current needs, The Ahfis ensures your workspace is as creative as you.

Indeed, you could say The Ahfis mirrors Andrew’s approach to his work. He’s dedicated to helping clients solve their problems, whether that’s reaching a new market, attracting new customers or increasing engagement within their current customer base. Similarly, The Ahfis delivers a much-needed creative workspace for small businesses, remote workers, freelancers, and non-profits. Giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate, network and learn in a supportive like-minded community, The Ahfis is providing a long-overdue solution to the issues facing budding business owners.

Having grown up on a cherry farm in Northern Michigan, Andrew has a whole host of stories to regale you with, and our unique membership-based workspace provides just the opportunity. Networking and collaborating and spending time with members, like Andrew, will give you a unique chance to establish your place in the growing entrepreneur scene in PA.

Get the lowdown on Andrew

President and Founder of web design and digital marketing agency, Clarity Squared.

Can be found hard at work at one of our many desks, impressing clients in a meeting room or chatting over (free) coffee.

Northern Michigan. On a cherry farm, to be precise.

Passionate about?
Helping small businesses succeed in a digital world.

Best advice for entrepreneurs?
Embrace bootstrapping – it’s worth it.

The Office character he relates to the most?
Andy, of course.

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