Let’s fist bump member Mike Stafiej of ERIN ๐Ÿ‘Š

CEO and Designer of ERIN, Mike Stafiej has created a new web and mobile app that helps businesses better manage employee referrals. During the process, Mike works directly with the client team to actively participate in recruitment. Boasting minimal disruption to the important work of its clients, ERIN ensures a smoother, cleaner hiring process.ย 

Mike works with a range of large companies with open positions, aiming for rapid growth, or to better engage their existing teams. A big part of the love for his work comes from both the role he plays in helping businesses find the talent they are seeking and the impact his work can have on their company culture. This added engagement makes employees more invested in their team, and with their referrals, they can help better shape their workplace environments.

Speaking of culture, at The Ahfis Mike is something of a โ€œJimโ€ from TV’s “The Office.” No, that doesnโ€™t mean he crafts hilarious pranks to pull on the coworkers in our space. But, It does mean that he brings a sense of humor and a chill vibe that makes the place that much more awesome and welcoming. Perhaps it’s due to his love of 90โ€™s alt-rock, but just donโ€™t ask him about any other kind of music unless you want to deal with a serious deer in the headlights look.

As much as he is a positive force at The Ahfis, Mikeโ€™s penchant for connecting people has helped him in business as well. He has attributed a lot of ERIN’s success to good networking and in connecting others. A potential client once offered advice on how to improve ERIN, inspiring him to do the same, showing just how contagious that “success-spreading” really is. We can attest first-hand to it, as he has brought in a few more members to The Ahfis. And, for that and so much more, we are grateful for him.

Taking work environment and culture close to heart, Mike has found a range of benefits in the coworking space that The Ahfis offers. Besides the always-available (and free) coffee, the productive environment geared to optimize work without the distractions of working from home, The Ahfis allows him to focus more on the task at hand โ€” connecting people through ERINโ€™s optimized employee referral system, and elsewhere! But, most of all, he loves working with others. The environment here at The Ahfis gives him a professional space to meet other professionals and share advice and success stories.

The good news is that if you come to hang out at The Ahfis, Mike has a bunch of fun tales to tell that may drop some jaws. The bad news is that we are not putting them in print. But, heโ€™s more than happy to tell them over a local craft draft once the workday is done.

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