What is Coworking?

Let’s face it. Most of you don’t know.

It’s OK. Coworking is a fairly new concept. When I say fairly new, I mean that it’s not really new at all. (The coworking concept began in 2005. Source: https://www.coworkingresources.org/blog/history-of-coworking)

Coworking is only now really starting to really take notice in this region, which is why you may have found us. And, hopefully, due to the fact that we’ve been marketing HARD within a 15-mile radius of the Blue Spruce Shoppes in Murrysville.

We opened in May of this year. (Wow. I can hardly believe it has only been five months.) At that time, the coworking concept was NOT new to us, of course. Hence the desire to start a space like this in Murrysville.

I had been working from home for six years and had been seeking coworking space before The Afhis was born. Althought working from home can be gloriously free, it can also be unproductive, sloppy, tired, and lonely. (I’ll tell you more about my personal experience in another post.)

In August of this year, we hired some fantastic interns to help us in marketing The Ahfis. Due to our strong hunch, and Intern Kristi’s fantastic coworking survey, we discovered that coworking is a foreign concept to many local folks. But, to help unravel the mystery that is coworking, she enthusiastically created this video that gets straight to the point.

Enjoy, and learn even more by visiting us! Book a tour, stat!:

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